Whoever Says



Whoever says that Man

loves gold and wealth

must be immoral

to drown the poor people’s boat


His needs indicate:

“change the old concept of human nature”,

but his complexes and intricacies

have brought him to those valleys in which

every kind of knowledge related to goals is hard to find.


What in reality are the ingredients of human nature?

How we can distinguish human beings from animals?

By using the depraving power or golden dream force?

Which have snatched people’s rights.

Ignorance too is a dilemma of animal madness

The attributes unique to human existence

are reason and contemplation.

If brutality grows there it is shameful for us.

Great poverty says: “Man is an animal”.

Skyscrapers and huts say: “Man is an animal”.

Class systems around us say: “Man is an animal”.

Souls separate us.

Thoughts separate us.

We have wounded our inner Man.

We have ruined his nature.