Like Qais



Who in the world can claim the freedom enjoyed by the Qais?

Those enduring the attitudes towards

schools of thought or schools of passions,

religion of an individual or religions of institutions,

are afraid of claiming their freedom.


People who are slaves and subdued by each other

are frightened even when alone,

as if barbaric armies

having naked swords and shining pointed spears

are standing close to them.

Even a slight change in their hearts

would take them to the caves of death.

This is what they think. This is what they know as truth.


Whether there are temples, radio or TV channels,

whether there are aims, dailies or literary magazines,

they must not talk of freedom.

Them must not describe a complainantís pain.


Their souls are stinking.

Their bodies are filthy.

Blood is leaking out of them.

They are secretions of rotten wounds!

 Thoughts travel in the fabric of metaphors,

representing endless insights.

The censors are not aware of it.

A few wise men taking guidance from them,

teach lessons to those

who did not understand deep metaphors.

Letters dissolved in their ears

and the birds of meanings say nothing to them