In the Rainy Season




In the Rainy Season

shrieks in the heartís gardens

silence of sudden happiness

soaked disorder of crowded roads

tell me the story of scented moments.

Hills take bath.

Pastors take bath.

Falls sing songs of intimacy.

In the trembling arms of naked trees

stir continuously a cloud-cloaked stimulation.

Branches take bath

Nearby pubs

bring drinkers to ruin.

When rain drops

drench me

my sleepy pride wakes up intermittently

Everywhere the shines endlessly

on the stunning pearls of peerless nature


My smiles

upset my enemies.


In the rainy seasons

tea houses often look splendid.

Magicians create complexes

through their psychological tricks,

awaken unrest in souls,

show pros and cons

to the fairies living luxurious lives.


The giants of the fear of resurrection

warn gentle-gait moments

and make

continuous happiness cry!