He who didn't belong to us


Somewhere drifting in the blue water
was a lonely shadow!
Has anyone heard him?
Nobody has watched him before
He was a king - stork
As was Hallaj
When I saw him
the dust of black roses flew
inside the grand walls of morning.
I saw traces of gallows on his neck.
I kissed his eyes.
My rosy lips made his wings fully wet
My fingertips made sketches on the sand.
The dewdrops made bubbles restless
Leaving aside the travel of infinity,
he came out of the corner of dew.
Wind touching his hair till far away
Loneliness struck the people.
He hadn't even time to return.

My name became alien to me
The walls and doors depicted Strangeness too
I was a foreigner in my house,
who had watched the lonely shadow
drifting in the blue water.