During the night...


During the whole night my heart could not feel rest.

Under the silent sadness of the open sky

I was alone.

Who was waiting for me?

In the gardens

the odour of morning flowers began to glitter.

My restless ear heard

the sound of whose excited feet?

The atmosphere was penetrated

by the stimulated sight of transparent dreams.

Then buds of sound began to flower

in the grievous loneliness of

houses, places of worship and bars.

Flowers after awakening

fell in the skirt of the restless morning breeze.

I followed the sound but it was gone

in the cheating of the tavern of life

or the excitement of fate.

It was destiny.

Continuous travel,

exhausting roads,

I was not in my right mind.

My senses dead,

I was walking through stops.

Suddenly I faced the cruel grand wall of imagination.

The corner of my heart whispered

I should live alone

in the dreadful loneliness of

houses, worship places and bars

and make myself the gravestone for my own grave.

On the roads of demands ,

gravestones are fixed

on the graves of living people.