SEASONS OF DESCENT - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed



Seasons, lodged in privileged casements!

At least glimpse through the radiant, adorned,

euphoric blinds

Read the strokes of the smoke in the winds Touch the blisters on my body and see

The many helpless songs in my breast

Hearken to my cries of anguish

Seasons, lodged in privileged casements!


Think for a while

The lovely sparkling views on terraces

Are also meant for me

Step empty-handed into time's descent

Take the immortalizing water

From brimful earthen pots

0 symbols of gardens and meadows!

Spring is teeming

With the essence and scent of fruits and flowers,

A drop from this wine

I too deserve

I who sleep on a mat of leaves

Somewhere my image is luminous too

Somewhere I do exist.

Translated by Yasmeen Hameed


Pakistani Literature 2001